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shiba inu shib airdrop

Shiba Inu Airdrop

What is the Shiba Inu ($SHIB) Airdrop?

The Shiba Inu ($SHIB) airdrop is taking place on the 17th of November, 2022, the end date is unknown. The Shiba Inu airdrop reward is equivalent to 1 $SHIB and the maximum reward is unlimited. In order to participate in the Shiba Inu airdrop, you’ll need a Twitter and Telegram account.

The Shiba Inu Airdrop has five different bonus levels for claiming and registration. The size of the Shiba Inu bonuses range from an additional 0.5 $SHIB to 3 $SHIB. The supported wallet for the Shiba airdrop is a Coinbase Shiba Inu compatible walllet.

Shiba Inu Airdrop Details

  • Shiba Inu Airdrop Reward: 1 SHIB
  • Max reward: Unlimited
  • Token: SHIBA INU (SHIB)
  • ETH Contract Address: 0x95ad61b0a150d79219dcf64e1e6cc01f0b64c4ce
  • $SHIB Airdrop Start Date: 17th of November, 2022
  • $SHIB Airdrop End Date: Unknown
  • Maximum Airdrop Participants: 100,000 $SHIB users
  • Minimum Withdrawal Amount: No minimum
  • Airdrop Distribution: You will receive $SHIB within 3 days of requesting your withdrawal
  • Supported Shiba Inu Wallet: Coinbase
  • Shiba Inu Airdrop Referral rewards: Up to 5 bonus levels for registration and claiming bonus

The Shiba Inu Airdrop Referral Program

Shiba Inu Airdrop Registration Bonus:

  • Level 1 Registration Bonus: 3 SHIB tokens
  • Level 2 Registration Bonus: 1 SHIB token
  • Level 3 Registration Bonus: 1 SHIB token
  • Level 4 Registration Bonus: 1 SHIB token
  • Level 5 Registration Bonus: 1 SHIB token

Shiba Inu Airdrop Claiming Bonus:

  • Level 1 Claiming Bonus: 1 SHIB token
  • Level 2 Claiming Bonus: 0.5 SHIB token
  • Level 3 Claiming Bonus: 0.5 SHIB token
  • Level 4 Claiming Bonus: 0.5 SHIB token
  • Level 5 Claiming Bonus: 0.5 SHIB token

How to be Participate in the Shiba Inu Airdrop

  1. Join the Shiba Inu Telegram airdrop bot. The details for the airdrop are located in the Telegram channel.
  2. Join in the Shiba Inu Telegram group and the Shiba Telegram channel

Requirements to Join the Shiba Inu Airdrop

  • A Twitter Account
  • A Telegram Account
Dexer Airdrop - Claim free $DEXER tokens with

Dexer Token Airdrop: Claim $DEXER tokens

Participate in the Dexer Seed Sale Airdrop

Dexer Airdrop prize pool is worth 50,000 $DEXER and 500 $BUSD, which will be distributed to 104 winners.

The dexer seed sale (Dexer airdrop) is a great offer for early investors. Participating in the airdrop event will allow you to invest in the project’s initial stages before the price of the token is set by the market.

How to Participate in the Dexer Airdrop

  1. Login to the Dexer Airdrop page.
  2. Follow @Dexer_io on Twitter & RT.
  3. Join the Dexer Telegram Channel & Leave a Comment.
  4. Submit your Metamask wallet address.

The top four winners will get a $200, $150, $100 and $50 prize based on the points ranking. The prize will be paid out in $BUSD (Binance USD).

The other 100 winners, based on the ranking of points, will receive a prize of 500 $DEXER tokens. From these 100 winners, 10 winners will be drawn randomly, so everyone has a chance to win. The list of winners will be announced on Twitter 24h after the Airdrop ends. Winners will receive the rewards after the TGE. Good Luck!

About the Dexer Airdrop

Dexer is a token browser and transaction displaying platform that uses multichain technologies to provide investors with the best quality information and serve them most efficiently and comfortably.

Dexer uses ready-made technologies like a token browser with an anti-scam filter, which makes safely using verified token information, quotes and charts easy for beginners. Active users can view several diagrams, create quotes, and take advantage of automation. Dexer also connects developing projects with investors in the crypto market by offering sought-after forms of advertising on the website and social media.

The $DEXER token is generated and run on the BEP20 token standard. The token allows you to access the platform’s anti-bot functionality to prevent frontrunning (ahead of transactions concluded by investors by machines, which sell them at a higher price, less favourable for the investor).

How many Dexer tokens will be created?

The number of tokens created will be 500,000,000.

Is it worth investing in the Dexer airdrop?

If you participate in the Dexer airdrop or buy Dexer tokens, you will get the following:

  1. A token that may increase in value as the Dexer ecosystem matures and active users increase.
  2. Unlimited access to Dexer’s investor community will provide you with free expert knowledge and ideas.
  3. Access to Dexer services reserved for token holders:
    • Advanced swap functions
    • Automatic orders
    • Exclusive private offers
  4. Voting rights and influence on the development of the website.
  5. The ability to earn additional tokens through being active on the website.
  6. The possibility of exiting the investment through the exchange.

How does the Dexer token work?

The Dexer token is a community token. The token behind Dexer’s platform is a digital contract that uses blockchain technology on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

The Dexer token is not intended to be a financial instrument. Therefore, it does not involve liabilities or receivables towards any issuer. The Dexer token was created to enable collaboration between the platform’s users, service and partners of the service.

The faster the Dexer ecosystem matures, the more revenue and website users, the faster the token’s value will increase.

MetaStudio Airdrop - Claim free $METAS tokens (~$ 50,000) with

MetaStudio Airdrop: $50,000 $METAS tokens

The MetaStudio Airdrop Event

The MetaStudio ($METAS) Airdrop event will be worth 1,000,000 $METAS tokens. MetaStudio is a virtual world that allows people to create online offices. It’s an innovative platform that allows employees to learn new skills and interact with clients.

What is MetaStudio ($METAS)?

MetaStudio ($METAS) is a cryptocurrency token built on the Ethereum blockchain. The METAS token is the cryptocurrency that powers Meta Studios and Metaverse. MetaStudio was created by Polygon in partnership with Polyglot Labs It is fast, simple and inexpensive, so you can use multiple coin wallets and buy, sell and transact immediately at a low cost.

How to Participate in the METAS Airdrop

  1. To enter the MetaStudio Airdrop, register on the MetaStudio Gleam page.
  2. Follow @MetaStudioLand on Twitter & RT this Tweet.
  3. Join MetaStudio on Discord & Telegram.
  4. Earn entries by performing various actions.
XPLA airdrop -
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XPLA airdrop: 43,000 $XPLA Airdrop Distribution

XPLA Airdrop prize pool is worth 43,000 $XPLA tokens (~$ 20,000) for 3,100 Pilots to celebrate the New beginning.

What is XPLA?

XPLA is a content-driven, entertainment and universal gaming Web3 platform. XPLA is built on Tendermint and uses the COSMOS SDK, allowing it to connect to other chains and support Ethereum Virtual Machine dApps.

The XPLA chain benefits users and creators who participate in the XPLA ecosystem by using NFTs to complement the on-chain games, entertainment and content.

XPLA is an open-source universal Gaming and Entertainment blockchain hosting a vibrant ecosystem of ÐApps and top-tier developer tools powered by Cosmos SDK and secured by Tendermint.

The XPLA Chain can be easily connected with various chains and is developer-friendly. Using proof-of-stake consensus, EVM Compatibility, XPLA Chain SDK, a software kit for the game developers, and XPLA Vault would give the users extensive experiences of DeFi, Play to Own (P2O) gaming, and lastly, would lead to the adoption of Web 2 users to Web 3 space. Also, $XPLA is the XPLA Chain’s native staking token used for governance and staking.

How to Participate in the XPLA Airdrop

To participate in the XPLA Airdrop, investors will need to do the following:

  1. Signup for the airdrop via the XPLA Airdrop Gleam
  2. Join the XPLA Telegram channel.
  3. Follow @XPLA_Official on Twitter, and retweet their airdrop tweet.
  4. Follow @C2X_WORLD on Twitter (C2X is XPLA’s Blockchain Gaming platform). If you have $CTX in your C2X Station, you will need to migrate it to XPLA. You will want to do this anyway, as a token migration for XPLA is scheduled to start on October 21st, 2022 and end by January 20th, 2023.
  5. Follow @XPLA_Official on Medium.
  6. Add your XPLA Vault wallet address to the airdrop via Gleam.
  7. Invite other users to increase your chances of winning.

XPLA Airdrop Amount

  • Estimated prize pool: USD 20,000
  • 3,000 participants will be selected at random to receive 10 $XPLA tokens each
  • The top 100 participants will receive 1,000 $XPLA tokens

When Will You Receive the XPLA Airdrop?

The airdrop rewards won’t be distributed immediately after the event. The date and method of distribution will be announced on the XPLA Twitter & Medium accounts.

How Much Are XPLA Tokens Worth?

As of 10:00 PM (UTC) on November 2nd 2022, the current price of XPLA tokens is USD 0.479625 with a 24-hour trading volume of USD 165,943.

The XPLA price has been up 13.93% in the last 24 hours. It is currently ranked #3383 by market cap on

Tectum Token Airdrop

Tectum Airdrop Event

Tectum ($TET) Live Airdrop Event

The Tectum airdrop event will distribute a total prize pool of 50,000 Tectum ($TET) tokens to participants (equivalent to USD $150,000).

Sign up for the Tectum airdrop event by completing the tasks listed on the Tectum airdrop registration form to earn entries. You can earn more entries for each additional referral.

How much is the Tectum Airdrop Worth?

  • 1,490 winners will receive 30 $TET ($90.00 USD) each
  • Eight winners will receive 450 $TET (USD $1,350.00 USD) each
  • One winner will receive 700 $TET (USD $2,100.00 USD)
  • One winner will receive 1,000 $TET (USD $3,000.00 USD)

How to Participate in the Tectum Token Airdrop

  1. Go to the Tectum airdrop post on the Tectum website.
  2. Complete the Tectum Airdrop sign-up form by entering your details.
  3. Create a Tectum wallet.
  4. Complete the required tasks.
  5. Note: Completing additional tasks will earn more airdrop entries.
  6. 1490 winners will get 30 Tectum tokens each, 8 will get 450 Tectum tokens, 1 winner will get 700 Tectum tokens, and the final winner will get 1,000 Tectum tokens.
  7. You can track the Tectum deposit using the Tectum Wallet Explorer

When is the Tectum Crypto Airdrop?

The Tectum Airdrop is currently live and in progress. The Tectum Airdrop event will end on the 11th of November, 2022, at 11:59 PM UTC.

As of the 4th of November 2022, there are over 1,500,000 entries in the Tectum airdrop event with 8 days remaining.

What is Tectum?

Tectum is a new generation of Peer-to-Peer infrastructure based on the Smart-Node Grid principle, which aims to revolutionize the Internet through true decentralization and its motivation mechanism for the operation of NODES.

How Does the Tectum Blockchain Work?

Tectum operates on its own chain developed on the Lightening Network. The unique consensus mechanism used by Tectum is known as ‘Proof-of-Utility’. Tectum is the only Blockchain network to employ proprietary Proof-of-Utility (PoU) Consensus and super-fast Network Protocol as described in the Tectum White Paper. The Proof-of-Utility consensus mechanism is similar to the “proof-of-work” mechanism. However, it is more efficient and does not require as much computational power to process transactions.

What is the Price of Tectum Tokens?

The Tectum token isn’t listed on cryptocurrency exchanges; therefore, there is no market trading price for TET tokens.

How to buy Tectum Tokens

Tectum tokens can be purchased during the Tectum presale event. To buy Tectum TET tokens, follow these steps:

  1. Create a Tectum Wallet using the Tectum Wallet Tool
  2. Transfer BTC, TRX or USDT to your Tectum wallet using an address provided within the wallet (click on the row relating to the currency you wish to transfer to obtain the address).
  3. After transferring your cryptocurrency, select the type of crypto you transferred using the “purchase” button on the Tectum Token.
  4. Enter the Amount of TET you wish to purchase.
  5. Confirm the details and purchase your Tectum with the buy button.
  6. You will now see a positive TET balance in the Tectum token field.

How Can I Keep up to date with the Tectum Crypto Airdrop?

You can follow the official Tectum social channels to keep updated with Tectum crypto news. The Tectum team are active on social media and will post the result of the Tectum Airdrop online.

Tectum Airdrop Results Will be Available on Tectum’s Official Social Media Channels:

Free FlyGuyz Crypto Airdrop worth $50,000 of $FLYY tokens & Genesis FlyGuyz NFTs

FlyGuyz Airdrop: $ 50,000 $FLYY Tokens & Genesis NFTs

FlyGuyz ($FLYY) Airdrop Event

FlyGuyz Airdrop Prize Pool is worth 2,500,000 $FLYY tokens & 100 Genesis FlyGuyz NFTs for 7,000 lucky winners and Top 500 Leaderboard.

About the FlyGuyz Blockchain

FlyGuyz is an NFT-Based Ultimate Fighting P2E GameFi App built by an experienced artist visionary & development team in the Web3 space. By utilizing the powers within the force of 4 sacred Realms, FlyGuyz players will engage in intense battles of intelligence & skill, fighting to get closer to the King of the Fly throne that many aspire to gain control of.

FlyGuyz ecosystem will allow users to qualify for the global tournaments within the ranking systems as well as organize paid & free events.

$FLYY is the utility token of the FlyGuyz ecosystem, with staking for stability and reward, elements of yield farming, and internal medium of exchange use cases. The integrated P2E mechanisms maintain a constant demand for the token, which continuously stimulates the growth of its value.

FBBank x Pexpay airdrop -
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FBBank x Pexpay Airdrop: 21,000,000 $FB

FBBank and Pexpay are giving away a total of $100,000 worth of $FB tokens to 5,000 participants chosen at random.

How to Participate in the FBBank x Pexpay Airdrop

  1. Log in to the FBBank x Pexpay Airdrop page.
  2. Connect your BSC wallet and complete the required tasks on TaskOn.
  3. Register your account and complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) verification steps on Pexpay.

When will you receive the FBBank airdrop?

The airdrop distribution will take place within 7 days of announcing the winners.

What is the FBBank Blockchain Platform

FBBank is the Web3 world’s first decentralized crypto fund. FBBank uses the DAO organization form of the blockchain to build an investment system, an unprecedented new financial organization. FBBank provides services such as crypto investment consulting, crypto asset allocation, NFT, GameFi, quantitative trading, cryptocurrency POS mining, staking, etc.

What is the Pexpay Blockchain Platform?

Pexpay is a new cryptocurrency exchange developed for the future of the global financial system. Pexpay aims to grow the cryptocurrency ecosystem by offering a secure, easy-to-use and affordable platform so that our users can achieve financial freedom and inclusion.

Chimera Network Airdrop - Claim free $CMR tokens (~$ 40 + referral) with

Chimera Network Airdrop: Claim $40 of $CMR Tokens

The Chimera Network Airdrop

Chimera Network Airdrop event has a total prize pool worth up to 400 $CMR tokens (~$ 40) for 300 random winners and 15 $CMR for every referral.

What is the Chimera Network?

Chimera Network is an advanced Layer 2 Gaming Blockchain that provides a decentralized BSC Layer 2, built to empower blockchain gaming, NFT and digital assets. Chimera can accommodate over 18,000 transactions per second with decreased gas costs by 95% when using the L2 scaling option. All token holders will receive a 40% rebase from transaction fees. The other 60% will be burned!



The Lingose Game Airdrop has a prize pool worth $10,000 USD in $LING tokens. Participants will receive $10 of $LING tokens.

What is the Lingose Airdrop Event?

The Lingose Game airdrop event is a cryptocurrency airdrop collaboration between LingoseGame, Genesis Universe, and Bybit. The Lingose Game Airdrop event has a total prize pool worth $10,000 USD of $LING tokens.

How to Participate in the Linigose Game Airdrop Event

  1. Register for the Lingose Game airdrop via the Lingose Google Form.
  2. Register as a new user on Bybit.
  3. Follow @LingoseGame & @GenesisUniverse & @Bybit_Official on Twitter.
  4. Submit your UID & Bybit $LING deposit address (BEP-20).

About the Lingose ($LING) Token Airdrop Event

The Lingose Game platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain. Lingose Game establishes a game ID system based on blockchain data, which provides qualification certificates by capturing the users’ web3.0 behaviour on the chain. Every step and achievement in the chain game will be the users` value embodiment and thus to better build their Web3 identity brand.

To encourage users to improve their qualification certificate and more comprehensively display users in Gamefi, Lingose Game creates an economic model of “Double NFT+Lingose Token+Governance Token”. Users can easily achieve “Click to Earn” while users improve their self-worth.

How Much are Lingose Game Tokens Worth?

As of the 3rd of November 2022, the price of a Lingose ($LING) token is $0.005059 USD. Lingose had a trading volume of $1,449,570 USD over the past 24 hours.

safe the humanity sth airdrop

STH Airdrop: Safe The Humanity Public Sale Airdrop

SafeTheHumanity is a Global DeFi Project

SafeTheHumanity is a global DeFi project that endeavours to provide help on a global scale through donations. The smart contract applies a 2% fee on all transactions to auto-refill the liquidity pool and rewards token holders. With our unique token model, you don’t need to stake or provide liquidity to earn in SafeTheHumanity. The SafeTheHumanity token is an Ethereum airdrop.

Every holder will benefit. Furthering our assumption of making this world a better place filled with peace and equality, a 1% fee will be taken on all transactions to be donated to the agreed upon and voted charitable organization by the community. SafeTheHumanity protocol is safe and autonomous. An additional 1% fee will be taken on each transaction for the foundation, maintenance and promotion of the project.

We welcome you to SafeTheHumanity, a combination of profitable yield-generating DeFi and safe store-of-value Bitcoin. Undoubtedly, both “worlds” have offered to disrupt possibilities. Their impact cannot be emphasized well enough as they have given the cryptocurrency ecosystem a reason to live, thrive, and surpass the 1.5T market cap globally. It is a pleasure to introduce our lifechanging-opportunity token.

The Safe The Humanity airdrop has finished, and the project now appears to be abandoned by its developers. Cryptocurrency enthusiast who are interested in participating in future airdrops should look at the Tectum ($TET) Token Airdrop.

SafeTheHumanity Airdrop Tokenomics

  • Burn: 400,000,000,000,000 STH (40.00%)
  • Presale + Initial Liquidity: 357,500,000,000,000 STH (35.75% )
  • Rewards: 42,500,000,000,000 STH (4.25%)
  • Marketing: 100,000,000,000,000 STH (10.00%) + 5% / 20 months vesting
  • Foundation: 100,000,000,000,000 STH (10.00%) + 5% / 20 months vesting