Chimera Network Airdrop: Claim $40 of $CMR Tokens

Chimera Network Airdrop - Claim free $CMR tokens (~$ 40 + referral) with

Participate in the Chimera Network Airdrop

PlatformSafe The Humanity
Airdrop DateJune 21, 2021
Ticker Symbol$STH
Airdrop StatusEnded
Number of ParticipantsUnlimited
Airdrop Amount$24,000
Total Supply1000000000000000
Number of Winners5000

The Chimera Network Airdrop

Chimera Network Airdrop event has a total prize pool worth up to 400 $CMR tokens (~$ 40) for 300 random winners and 15 $CMR for every referral.

What is the Chimera Network?

Chimera Network is an advanced Layer 2 Gaming Blockchain that provides a decentralized BSC Layer 2, built to empower blockchain gaming, NFT and digital assets. Chimera can accommodate over 18,000 transactions per second with decreased gas costs by 95% when using the L2 scaling option. All token holders will receive a 40% rebase from transaction fees. The other 60% will be burned!

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