Dexer Token Airdrop: Claim $DEXER tokens

Dexer Airdrop - Claim free $DEXER tokens with

Participate in the Dexer Airdrop

PlatformSafe The Humanity
Airdrop DateJune 21, 2021
Ticker Symbol$STH
Airdrop StatusEnded
Number of ParticipantsUnlimited
Airdrop Amount$24,000
Total Supply1000000000000000
Number of Winners5000

Participate in the Dexer Seed Sale Airdrop

Dexer Airdrop prize pool is worth 50,000 $DEXER and 500 $BUSD, which will be distributed to 104 winners.

The dexer seed sale (Dexer airdrop) is a great offer for early investors. Participating in the airdrop event will allow you to invest in the project’s initial stages before the price of the token is set by the market.

How to Participate in the Dexer Airdrop

  1. Login to the Dexer Airdrop page.
  2. Follow @Dexer_io on Twitter & RT.
  3. Join the Dexer Telegram Channel & Leave a Comment.
  4. Submit your Metamask wallet address.

The top four winners will get a $200, $150, $100 and $50 prize based on the points ranking. The prize will be paid out in $BUSD (Binance USD).

The other 100 winners, based on the ranking of points, will receive a prize of 500 $DEXER tokens. From these 100 winners, 10 winners will be drawn randomly, so everyone has a chance to win. The list of winners will be announced on Twitter 24h after the Airdrop ends. Winners will receive the rewards after the TGE. Good Luck!

About the Dexer Airdrop

Dexer is a token browser and transaction displaying platform that uses multichain technologies to provide investors with the best quality information and serve them most efficiently and comfortably.

Dexer uses ready-made technologies like a token browser with an anti-scam filter, which makes safely using verified token information, quotes and charts easy for beginners. Active users can view several diagrams, create quotes, and take advantage of automation. Dexer also connects developing projects with investors in the crypto market by offering sought-after forms of advertising on the website and social media.

The $DEXER token is generated and run on the BEP20 token standard. The token allows you to access the platform’s anti-bot functionality to prevent frontrunning (ahead of transactions concluded by investors by machines, which sell them at a higher price, less favourable for the investor).

How many Dexer tokens will be created?

The number of tokens created will be 500,000,000.

Is it worth investing in the Dexer airdrop?

If you participate in the Dexer airdrop or buy Dexer tokens, you will get the following:

  1. A token that may increase in value as the Dexer ecosystem matures and active users increase.
  2. Unlimited access to Dexer’s investor community will provide you with free expert knowledge and ideas.
  3. Access to Dexer services reserved for token holders:
    • Advanced swap functions
    • Automatic orders
    • Exclusive private offers
  4. Voting rights and influence on the development of the website.
  5. The ability to earn additional tokens through being active on the website.
  6. The possibility of exiting the investment through the exchange.

How does the Dexer token work?

The Dexer token is a community token. The token behind Dexer’s platform is a digital contract that uses blockchain technology on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

The Dexer token is not intended to be a financial instrument. Therefore, it does not involve liabilities or receivables towards any issuer. The Dexer token was created to enable collaboration between the platform’s users, service and partners of the service.

The faster the Dexer ecosystem matures, the more revenue and website users, the faster the token’s value will increase.

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