Tectum Airdrop Event

Tectum airdrop worth $150,000 in $TET tokens.
Tectum Token Airdrop

Participate in the Tectum Airdrop

PlatformSafe The Humanity
Airdrop DateJune 21, 2021
Ticker Symbol$STH
Airdrop StatusEnded
Number of ParticipantsUnlimited
Airdrop Amount$24,000
Total Supply1000000000000000
Number of Winners5000

Tectum ($TET) Live Airdrop Event

The Tectum airdrop event will distribute a total prize pool of 50,000 Tectum ($TET) tokens to participants (equivalent to USD $150,000).

Sign up for the Tectum airdrop event by completing the tasks listed on the Tectum airdrop registration form to earn entries. You can earn more entries for each additional referral.

How much is the Tectum Airdrop Worth?

  • 1,490 winners will receive 30 $TET ($90.00 USD) each
  • Eight winners will receive 450 $TET (USD $1,350.00 USD) each
  • One winner will receive 700 $TET (USD $2,100.00 USD)
  • One winner will receive 1,000 $TET (USD $3,000.00 USD)

How to Participate in the Tectum Token Airdrop

  1. Go to the Tectum airdrop post on the Tectum website.
  2. Complete the Tectum Airdrop sign-up form by entering your details.
  3. Create a Tectum wallet.
  4. Complete the required tasks.
  5. Note: Completing additional tasks will earn more airdrop entries.
  6. 1490 winners will get 30 Tectum tokens each, 8 will get 450 Tectum tokens, 1 winner will get 700 Tectum tokens, and the final winner will get 1,000 Tectum tokens.
  7. You can track the Tectum deposit using the Tectum Wallet Explorer

When is the Tectum Crypto Airdrop?

The Tectum Airdrop is currently live and in progress. The Tectum Airdrop event will end on the 11th of November, 2022, at 11:59 PM UTC.

As of the 4th of November 2022, there are over 1,500,000 entries in the Tectum airdrop event with 8 days remaining.

What is Tectum?

Tectum is a new generation of Peer-to-Peer infrastructure based on the Smart-Node Grid principle, which aims to revolutionize the Internet through true decentralization and its motivation mechanism for the operation of NODES.

How Does the Tectum Blockchain Work?

Tectum operates on its own chain developed on the Lightening Network. The unique consensus mechanism used by Tectum is known as ‘Proof-of-Utility’. Tectum is the only Blockchain network to employ proprietary Proof-of-Utility (PoU) Consensus and super-fast Network Protocol as described in the Tectum White Paper. The Proof-of-Utility consensus mechanism is similar to the “proof-of-work” mechanism. However, it is more efficient and does not require as much computational power to process transactions.

What is the Price of Tectum Tokens?

The Tectum token isn’t listed on cryptocurrency exchanges; therefore, there is no market trading price for TET tokens.

How to buy Tectum Tokens

Tectum tokens can be purchased during the Tectum presale event. To buy Tectum TET tokens, follow these steps:

  1. Create a Tectum Wallet using the Tectum Wallet Tool
  2. Transfer BTC, TRX or USDT to your Tectum wallet using an address provided within the wallet (click on the row relating to the currency you wish to transfer to obtain the address).
  3. After transferring your cryptocurrency, select the type of crypto you transferred using the “purchase” button on the Tectum Token.
  4. Enter the Amount of TET you wish to purchase.
  5. Confirm the details and purchase your Tectum with the buy button.
  6. You will now see a positive TET balance in the Tectum token field.

How Can I Keep up to date with the Tectum Crypto Airdrop?

You can follow the official Tectum social channels to keep updated with Tectum crypto news. The Tectum team are active on social media and will post the result of the Tectum Airdrop online.

Tectum Airdrop Results Will be Available on Tectum’s Official Social Media Channels:

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