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EON Token Price: Has The Project Been Abandoned?

What is the Dimension Chain ($EON) Cryptocurrency Price? It is highly likely that the EON (Dimension) project has now been abandoned.

What is the Dimension Chain ($EON) Cryptocurrency Price?

The EON project appears to have been discontinued. Therefore, there it is not likely that it will have a market price.

What Happened to EON Cryptocurrency?

It may now be considered to be a “dead project”. The following are signals that EON is now an abandoned project:

  • EON Has No Active Development: The EON Github repository hasn’t been updated in the last 6 years. This suggests the team behind EON have abandoned the project and its development.
  • EON Social Channels Are Inactive: The EON Dimension Chain twitter account (@DimensionChain) has not been active in the past 12 months. Their last post October 2nd, 2019. Inactive social media accounts are a warning sign that the project isn’t being maintained.
  • EON Has Low Trading Volume: The EON token is no longer traded on major cryptocurrency exchanges. Any transfers or sales of the token are likely in a very small volume, as only a handful of people are using it.
  • EON is Not Traded On Exchanges: The EON Dimension token isn’t listed on any major cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • EON Website is Down: The EON Dimension website is no longer live. While the EON domain name (dimensionchain.io) is still registered, it does not resolve and there is no webpage.

Has the EON Project Been Abandoned?

Given the absence of any development it is likely that the EON (Dimension) project has been abandoned.

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