Limit Break’s Commercial Increases Digital Collectible Value By Over 460% In Just One Day Limit Break advertised a free digital collectible for scanning a QR code. The next morning, the value of the collectible had risen by over 460%.


# Limit Break’s Commercial Increases Digital Collectible Value By Over 460% In Just One Day

Yesterday, Limit Break, a blockchain-based gaming platform, released a commercial featuring a free digital collectible valued at 0.06 ETH, or about $90 USD. By scanning a QR code during the commercial, viewers could receive the unique digital asset.

## Digital Collectible Value Experiences a Significant Increase

The value of the digital collectible skyrocketed in just one day. On the morning after, the floor price on OpenSea, a marketplace for buying, selling, and collecting digital collectibles, hovered around 0.31 ETH, or about $460 USD. This represents an increase of 460% in the collectible’s value.

## Limit Break’s Unique Take On Blockchain Gaming

Limit Break is set to become one of the first blockchain games to be featured on the Ethereum mainnet. Their goal is to bring non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to gaming, allowing players to collect and trade digital assets such as in-game items and characters.

“We’re thrilled to see the response to our commercial and digital collectible,” said Limit Break CEO Dena Thomas. “This is just the beginning of what we’re aiming to accomplish with our platform. We hope that with Limit Break, gaming and blockchain technology can finally be combined to give gamers access to a whole new world of possibilities.”

The Limit Break game is currently in its pre-alpha phase and will be launching soon. Players interested in learning more can check out the [Limit Break website](

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